Jordy van der Heijden is a guy that started his BMX life when he was 4 years old and started winning races when he was 5.

At a age of 8 he won his first National titel and European titel, but for him the show wasn’t over because he also added a World titel to that list.

He kept his National and European titel 3 years in a row.

In the year 2000 it started to get really difficult to keep up with all the other guys who got stronger and bigger. His last year as a amateur at 16, things turned around and he found a way to make the final at the European championships after 4 years and got 4th.

The following 2 years he was a Junior and did pretty good with finales and podiums, even managed to get his European titel back in ’06 in the cruiser class and earlier that year he defended his National titel in that class.

Year after that, the real work started and difficult it was. First year in the Elite men was tough, but he fought his way thru and did his training and the results came back with a national win at his home track in ’07.

The year 2008 was a year with lot of training and racing and most of all experience and he showed that the year after, because he battled with the top world riders. But after 5 European rounds and a 3rd place in the ranking, that dream came to an end with a hard crash in Italy. A shoulder injury was the reason he was out of the program for 2 months.

But he stayed positive and came back strong with several European finales and a 4th place at the European Championship cruisers and managed to get back in the top 8 in the European Ranking.

In 2010 his dream came true as an athlete, and that was becoming PRO.

So since he signed that contract he is living “the dream” as people would say. He will do absolute everything to live that life as long as he can.

Till today he keeps up with the fastest guys and is not finished winning and chasing titels in his career.